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At FluentWorlds, we have spent Million of dollars building the most advanced English language training system in the world along with our new Direct Marketing platform. We have spent this kind of money in advance because we are confident in your ability to to share FluentWorlds with your friends, family and colleagues. For every FluentWorlds ambassador, we are asking for an initial $99 investment. In return, we will be providing you with a multitude of amazing tools and technologies to enable you to succeed in sharing Fluentworlds around the globe including:

1. An amazing business opportunity to build a worldwide organization for the purpose of sharing the world's best language learning technologies. You will be elevating lives by providing people with the gift of language so they can improve their career and social opportunities. At the same time, you will be deriving income for yourself as an Independent FluentWorlds Brand Ambassador.

2. Your own back office providing you with a dash board of data to allowing you to manage your business. On a real time basis, you will be able to see your current sales volumes, the activity of all those you have enrolled, and a minute by minute commission update for your entire sales organization.

3. Your own personalized Website. You will use this to sign up people who want to subscribe to our amazing language training technologies. You will also use it to enroll people who want to become FluentWorlds Ambassadors as part of your Sales team.

4. Social postings which we recommend you use to drive traffic and sales volume to your website.

5. An app tied into your FluentWorlds Ambassador account to allow you to keep current on new subscriptions and enrollments.

6. Training on FluentWorlds products together with with Sales and Leadership training for our to help you learn the best methods to advance your skills in building a worldwide organization.

7. Eligibility for inclusion in our company Founders Club and/or Advisory Board program providing you the opportunity to participate in regular sales incentives, trips and contests.

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